District 6 Committee (2018-2020)


According to Article V, Section 1 of the PIAA Constitution, District 6 will encompass the member schools in the following counties: 
Blair, Cambria, Centre, Clearfield, Clinton, Huntingdon, Indiana, and Mifflin.



.. Voting Members of the District 6 Committee

            One (1) Superintendents Representative of a member School District

            Six (6)   Representatives of member Senior High Schools (Grades 10-12)

            Two (2) Representatives of member Junior High Schools (Grades 7-9)

One (1)  School Board Representative appointed by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association

                        Two (2) Athletic Director Representative

                        One (1)  Girls' Athletic Representative

                        One (1)  Private School Representative

                        Two (2) Officials' Representative

                        Two (2) Parent Advisory Members


           Executive Committee for the 2018-2019 School Year

                        William Marshall - Chairman - Penn Cambria School District

                        Ralph Cecere - Vice Chairman - Portage Area High School

                        Curt Whitesel- Secretary - Mount Union Area Senior High School

                        Sherry Montgomery - Treasurer - Non-voting


           Superintendent Representative 2018-2020

                        William Marshall - Penn Cambria School District


           Senior High Representatives for 2018-2019

                        Ralph Cecere - Portage Area High School

                        Ken Kerchenske - Cambria Heights High School

                         Rick Schreier - Bellwood Antis Area High School

                        Jody Rainey - Homer Center School District

              Curt Vasas - Forest Hills High School

               Curtis Whitesel - Mount Union Area Senior High School


           Junior High Representatives for 2017-2019

                        Brandon Bailey - Richland School District

                        James Price - Purchase Line High School



                        Lorie Ratchford - Female Parent Advisory (2019)

                        Michael Cacciotti - Private Schools' Representative

                        Susan Kovensky - Women Officials' Representative

                        Rudy McCarthy - Male Parent Advisory (2021)

                        Chuck Glasser - School Board Representative

                        Kim Hubler- Girls' Athletic Representative (2019)

                        Mike Hudak - Men Officials' Representative

                        Gary Jubas - Legal Advisor

                        Joe Gironda - Athletic Director Representative (2020)

                        Phil Riccio - Athletic Director Representative (2019)

Barry Kline (Eligibility Listing) 

On a motion by Michael Hudak and Charles Glasser, the Committee appointed Rudy McCarthy to serve a three  term 
as the Male Parent Representative. The vote was 13‐0‐1.